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Thomas Edmondes had the West Gate demolished in 1753?  - (Source: Cowbridge Buildings & People (page 49) - ISBN 0 9537029 0 1)

The Westgate Inn (sited on what is called Gibbett's Hill or Hangman's Hill) was built just outside the old western tollgate as you entered Cowbridge from the West. It is said that farmers would often leave their horses and carts at the Westgate to avoid paying the tolls into the town. - (Source: Old Inns & Alehouses of Cowbridge (page 82) - ISBN 09537029 4 4) Just as an aside - Iolo Morganwg claimed that Cowbridge was well blessed with 'great and glorious drinkers', and at least forty-two of the buildings of Cowbridge have been used as inns or alehouses at some time in their history. (Information on outer back cover of same book) Iolo 'introduced' the Gorsedd ceremony to the National Eisteddfod.