Our Story

The story of the Cowbridge & District Museum begins in the early 1980's where a group of people felt there was a need to show the history, being the physical and social history, of the Town and close area of Cowbridge.

There was sufficient interest for the ideas to be manipulated into physical form and what once were either empty cells, or cells filled with all manner of  'stuff' that was 'not needed for now', to become the depository of items involving the history of Cowbridge and District.

Since those early days in the 1980's, much has happened and the cells are now filled, and continue to be filled with exhibits relating to the Cowbridge History.

Needless to say this is an ongoing task and a task that is very important to Cowbridge, especially when we see so many changes within the business, social and cultural side of the town. All of which needs to be recorded so that future generations may have a better idea of the life and times in Cowbridge & District in the 21st century.